The top 3 Dutch sports betting sites

10 - The top 3 Dutch sports betting sites

Online sports betting has been a growing trend among the Dutch and it has given many gambling enthusiasts an opportunity to successfully place wagers with high return potential. Players find online betting exciting because of the convenience of being able to place bets remotely through gambling websites that are hosted outside of the Netherlands. This is significant because gambling is a highly regulated industry in this country.

Among the most popular games that players wager on include football and field hockey, which are popular sports games in the Netherlands as a result of the success the respective national teams register on the international stage. In addition to the two, gamblers also stake their money on combat sports such as Kickboxingand Muay Thai which Dutch participants have been known to excel in internationally.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 sports betting sites that are preferred by Dutch gamblers.

#1 The Unibet website

The Unibet website is one of the most popular betting platforms in Europe and sports gamblers prefer it because of the wide array of global sporting events that they have the opportunity to wager on. For the Dutch gamblers, the benefit is that this platform covers popular sports such as football and hockey – both ice and field, as well as many other niche sports which individual gamblers may have an interest in. This site has gone the extra mile to calculate the game odds therefore saving players much of the hustle and this is an aspect that many gamblers appreciate. Use this unibet review for more details.

31 1 - The top 3 Dutch sports betting sites


#2 The Betsson website

The Bettson website is popular among gambling enthusiasts in the Netherlands mostly those who are more interested about betting and not watching the live games. This platform allows players to follow the live betting action directly from the site through displaying live stats and odds therefore allowing players to participate in in match betting. This platform also has a wide variety of global sporting events that players can choose from. Find here a Betsson review & rating

32 1 - The top 3 Dutch sports betting sites


#3 The Betsafe website

The Betsafe website is popular among Dutch gamblers who not only enjoy gambling but also enjoy following the live games. Through this platform, players have the opportunity of live streaming the various popular sporting events taking place globally. The wide array of sporting events that this platform offers ensures that gamblers never miss a sporting event that is of interest and has attractive odds worth placing a wager on.

33 - The top 3 Dutch sports betting sites


It’s important to note that these sports betting sites offer more or less the same services therefore the choice of Dutch gamblers is usually down to individual player preferences as well as the level of marketing activities that these betting firms undertake to attract players to their respective platforms.

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