If you want to fully appreciate the history and rich cultural heritage of the Netherlands then you must get to experience the Tulip festival and the King’s day, which are the two most renowned events on this land.


The Tulip Festival

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Every year during spring time, the Dutch not only in the Netherlands but also in other parts of the world celebrate the Tulip Festival which is undoubtedly the largest and liveliest flower festival in the world.These beautiful Tulips which are at their peak of maturity are regarded as a welcome harbinger to spring and they are displayed all over the cities. This colorful festivaldraws its history back in the 16th centurywhen Tulips became a very popular flower in the Netherlands and the center of the Dutch Golden Age. This festival has now become a tourist sensation and an epitome of Dutch culture worldwide.


The King’s Day

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Since 1885 the Dutch have commemorated the birthday of their monarchs in a national holiday set aside for people all over Netherlands. Currently referred to as the King’s Day or Koningsdag in Dutch, this is a day set aside to celebrate the birthday of King Willem-Alexander, the current ruler of the Kingdom of Netherlands. The King’s day is celebrated on 27th April each year in a day filled with pomp, hype, color and festivities with the Dutch people donned in the orange color which is the official color of the royal family. This day was initially referred to as Queen’s day when the monarch was under the leadership of the queen.