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Welcome to 1e Poolse Pantserdivisie where it’s our goal to help you to get to know the real history and cultural heritage of the Netherlands. This is an online platform that will focus on sharing content about the rich and unique history and Dutch cultural heritage, from the original inhabitants of this land, to the cultural evolution through the centuries, and finally to the industrial revolution and more.

Through our expertly researched and curated content, you will be able to understand the Dutch history in a new light and be able to see the clear link between events in the old and modern eras and how they shaped the present day Netherlands. The 1e Poolse Pantserdivisie platform is one that will be appreciated by Dutch natives as well as tourists who have an appreciation for history and culture, and other visitors to this wonderful land who wish to integrate smoothly into the Dutch society.

The 1e Poolse Pantserdivisie website as well as our team of writers are not affiliated to any news, tours or any other business entity. Our content is 100 per cent for the benefit of you our readers and we are confident that you will appreciate what we have on offer in terms of new knowledge about the Netherlands.